We Co-Regulate  with Beth Dennison           
Body Up!
Co-Regulation for Practitioners
 8 Thursday evenings 7-9 PM 
May 9-June 27, 2019

Elizabeth Dennison, M.Ed., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.                   WeCoRegulate.com
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  • You can catch dysregulation early and re-regulate fast. 
  • Co-regulation- What it is, and how to use it for yourself and in your practice. 
  • 4 skills for embodiment in relational space.
  • Identify physical, emotional and mental indicators of dysregulation (triggers) in yourself and others.
  • Adjustable practices for assessing co-regulation skills and wiring them into our nervous systems.
  • How to build co-regulation into your relationships.
  • Help your people harness the somatic elements of attunement to build attuned relationships.​
A Collegial Learning Group For:  Therapists and Teachers: Body Oriented Psychotherapists, Bodyworkers, Coaches,Yoga Teachers, Somatic Experiencing Practitioners... anyone who works with people and wants better collaborative tools for embodiment and co-regulation.
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Class size limited.
The application process will include a brief phone call with me covering your prior experience with embodiment and as a practitioner/teacher.
Give Your People Body To Body Co-Regulation Tools
Help Them Choose: Settle Down, Connect or Energize
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This will be  a collaborative working group where we share our own regulation challenges, as well as the challenges we face with our clients, community and family.
Do you want your professional relationships to be more enlivening for your clients and for you? 

           Embodiment and Co-Regulation Skills

We will build a safe container to explore four basic skills necessary for embodiment in relational space:

1. Finding Internal Home Base in Our Core
2. Using Boundary Muscles in Relational Space
3. Giving the Body a Voice in Relational Space
4. Tracking Self and Other in Real Time

Then we will go on to work with Body Up! CoRegulation: 

We can adjust the social nervous system for the complex task of communication. Learn to use the neurological elements of attunement to cultivate connection and belonging. This is great for building collaborative relationships and to antidote shame.  

We can energize together to dispel anxiety or feel empowered. We can expand our capacity to organize high energy, and to cope with intensity and complexity together. 

We are wired to down shift together. We can settle our nervous systems for rest, or after upset/overwhelm. We can stabilize together to integrate new capacity.

Would you like reliable tools to shift from feeling overwhelmed to being collaboratively engaged?
Can you see offering your students safer, more embodied connection with each other?

Week 1: Introduce practices to build a safe container for our nervous systems - for us and our clients. Identify two buddies. Introduce class project.

Vocabulary + Concepts:
Body Up, Top Down, Regulation, Co-Regulation, Embodiment, Autonomic Nervous System, Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Social Nervous Systems, Perception and Neuroception, Triggers, Regulation and Dysregulation

Week 2: Explore skills: finding home in your core, embodied boundaries and role boundaries.  

Vocabulary + Concepts: Embodiment, Dissociation, Activation, Freeze, Fight, Flight, Body Up and Top Down Agendas, Co-dependence versus Co-regulation

Week 3: Work with giving the body a voice and window of presence. Project : Pick a client or family member or friend to teach what you are learning. 

Vocabulary + Concepts: Emotional Edges, Elements of attunement in relational space, Dissociation

Week 4: Build skills for down regulation, tracking self and other. Explore personal challenges with regulation (we all have them).

Vocabulary + Concepts: Micro Adjustments, Stabilization, Interactive Rest

Week 5: Explore up regulation, building capacity and re-regulation after upset or losing focus.

Vocabulary + Concepts: Neurological elements of attunement, Bandwidth, Spilling energy

Week 6: Unmask the dynamics of shame and cultivate co-regulation for connection and collaboration.

Vocabulary + Concepts: Shame, Feeling more versus feeling better, Working with intention, Rhythm and timing 

Week 7:  Share project reports with collaborative feedback.

Week 8: Questions and consult about practical applications. Review favorite practices and identify what you need to do to keep your system regulated. Claim your changes. Close. 

Course Curriculum*:
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Beth has been working with people at their emotional edges for 40 years. She is a skilled teacher, therapist, body worker and co-regulation specialist. The method she created, Body Up! Co-Regulation, draws from the latest advances in neuroscience and proven clinical practices from Somatic Experiencing, Kundalini Yoga, Contact Improv, Gestalt, Aikido, CoCounseling, Family Therapy, Stan Tatkin's PACT work and parts work. She dances contact improvisation and co-regulates in Northampton, MA.
Beth Dennison, M.Ed., L.M.T., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.

* Participants are strongly encouraged to buy my new book, Body Up!
It is available for purchase for $25. If this is not possible, loaner copies are available.