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Elizabeth Dennison, M.Ed., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.
We Co-Regulate

Beth Dennison
M.Ed., S.E.P., L.M.T. M.A.*
in Marriage and Family Therapy
Co-Regulation Skills 
 Good For Your Nervous System & Good For Mine Too

   Co-Regulation keeps our nervous systems happy. It builds sturdy relationships and supports physical health.
Dysregulation wears us out.

Life in a body is a regulation game. 
   The better you are at regulating your nervous system, the longer you are likely to live, and the more complexity and intensity you can handle and enjoy. The more efficiently we re-regulate after stress or upset, the better it is for our cardiovascular, digestive, immune and inflammatory systems, and for our relationships. 

Relationships are a co-regulation game. 
   The better you are at helping each other re-regulate, the more enjoyable, sturdy, supportive, intimate and generative your relationships will be. Co-regulation is the most efficient way to regulate. Solo regulators tend to avoid intensity, conflict and emotional engagement, because they do not have the skills to re-regulate easily when they get upset. Come learn some skills!

Sex is a co-regulation game. 
   The better you are at co-regulation, the more sexual intensity you can enjoy. Good sex is a most efficient way to co-regulate. However, for those times in life where good sex is not available, we all need the non-sexual option: body up co-regulation skills.

Body up co-regulation skills include: 
   *  Finding home in your core
   *  Using boundary muscles in relational space
   *  Giving the body a voice in relational space
   *  Tracking self and other at the same time
   *  Collaborative stretching
   *  Interactive rest
   ​* Tracking, attunement and somatic resonance

And... body up co-regulation is fun!

And just in case you are well regulated enough to think about it,
Survival of our species is a co-regulation game.
   We will only be able to shift to a sustainable culture if we learn to stay regulated as we confront complex and intense issues.
Healthy Politics is also co-regulation game. 
   Only regulated politicians have the capacity to for statesmanship and standing up to their constituency for the good of the whole state. Dysregulation leads to oppositional partisan politics and congressional gridlock.
Elizabeth Dennison, M.Ed., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.
M.Ed.   Masters in Education
   S.E.P. Somatic Experiencing          Practitioner
   M.A. Master of Arts
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